Saturday, September 20, 2008

Children of Picasso

My mood controllers of the day are Claude and Paloma Picasso. More exactly, it is their photo by Richard Avedon (1966).
She has calm and innocent face, he has strong hand of his father. They both have wonderful lips and a profound wisdom in their eyes.

She has become a famous fashion designer, started her own company and brand, produced her own perfume and a line of evening wear, designed jewelry for Tiffany & Co.
He has become a great photographer, worked for "Conde Nast", the publisher of "Vogue", and other magazines.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) Claude et Paloma dessinant.
Pablo Picasso (1950) Paloma and Claude, Children of Picasso.

Every day there is an exhibition of Picasso somewhere in the world.


Unknown said...

She has the same calm and innocent face (if you mean the same as their father's).

She's --> i wouldn't put an apostrophe. better to write "she has". "She has become a famous fashion designer".

same with "He has become". and writing "He has become a great photographer, worked /as a photographer/ for... (the repetition could be removed)

and in the last word there is a typo :))

Unknown said...

Now i understand the meaning of the band's name: Дети Пикассо :)

Well, the photo is really great. The more i look, the more i like it.

aquamarine said...

Thanks Arpik!